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Daily Beast Female Elites Denounce Global Human Rights Violations While Ignoring U.S. Crimes

Promising solutions for international women's rights problems, the Daily Beast's 'Women in the World' conference ended up supporting the status quo for US foreign policy.

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The Daily Beast describes the conference as "revolutionary," and that might have been true, given the caliber of some of the speakers gathered there, like Leymah Gbowee, who inspired the Liberia documentary Pray the Devil Back to Hell, or the fearless Sunitha Krishnan, who combats sex trafficking in her native India. As panelist Fatima Bhutto told AlterNet, " there were so many fascinating, compelling women at the summit , Sunitha Krishnan, Hafsat Abiola, Kiran Bedi, Soraya Pakzhad -- so there's no doubt that the summit did something incredible in getting their voices heard."

"Madeline Albright's voice, however, I feel we've heard enough of. In her 30-minute conversation she justified the war in Iraq, a country she strangled with sanctions -- not that we were allowed to ask her anything as there was no Q & A. As someone from a country where U.S. drones fly over our land daily -- today three were killed -- I found it outrageous that not only did Albright not mention the wars that this generous country is forcing upon us, but she also subjected us to a photo montage of U.S. troops handing out lollipops to sad brown children.

"The problem was Madeline Albright," says Bhutto, "not the summit."

In order for such a summit to truly be "revolutionary," figures like Albright -- and Jarrett, who wields so much influence today -- would have to be held accountable for U.S. actions. Unfortunately, on that front, the conference was all about maintaining the status quo. Or, as Obama used to put it, "more of the same."

Liliana Segura is an AlterNet staff writer and editor of Rights & Liberties and World Special Coverage. Follow her on Twitter.