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What If You Can't Stop Having Sex, Even If You Really, Really Want To?

$150,000 on phone sex? 14 hours looking at porn without eating or drinking? Sex addiction is easy to mock, but the compulsive behaviors associated with it truly hurt sufferers.

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Elle too hopes that the conversation about Woods leads to more public understanding. While emphasizing that there’s no clear confirmation that Woods is indeed receiving treatment for sex addiction, she admits that the signs seem to indicate that it’s so.

“I would hope that (the Woods story) might bring sex addiction to the public arena and perhaps educate more people, particularly those who know their sexual behavior is causing them pain, but don’t have a name or understanding of it,” Elle said. “And I would hope that maybe, just maybe, we might become more compassionate about it.”

Elle added, “My husband isn’t the least surprised that his background is similar to Tiger Woods. The domineering father who demanded perfection, the high pressure career… the false sense of invincibility. … I ache for (Woods’) wife, who has to be witness to her pain being played out on the world stage.”


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