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Why We Really Need to Get Over the G-Spot

The G-spot has fueled endless debates among researchers and sexperts, while driving a mini sex industry. But does it matter at all?

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Another side effect of the G-spot debates is product promotion. Dr. Petra Boynton has pointed out that in our commercialized, overly sexualized Western cultures, there is no shortage of sexperts eager to tell you where your G-spot is and how to find it—often by writing books they promise will help you reach G-spot Nirvana.

Or, as Boynton writes on her blog:

... you could buy products with widgets and knobs and bendy bits to give your G-spot attention. Or you could read one of the endless features in women's (and latterly) men’s glossy magazines praising the spot and telling you how to find it. Porn also shifted to include a hat tip to the G-spot, although it wasn’t so easy to show. However, female ejaculation (the squirty friend of the G-spot) was easy to demonstrate. Hence the popularity of this within porn currently. And most recently the cosmetic surgery industry has got in on the act offering G-shot parties where you can get a collagen injection into your vaginal wall to enhance the G-spot (and make it easier for a partner to find).

So not only is the G-spot popular with sexperts in general, it has been commercialized to sell sex toys, porn movies, collagen injections and books.

The focus on the G-spot also puts pressure on men to perform longer and harder. The insinuation is that if a man can't bring his partner to a G-spot orgasm, he must be inferior in some way. Likewise, women are waiting for that urge-to-pee feeling that supposedly signals a massive G-spot orgasm is on its way (maybe even with ejaculation! Hurrah!). Focusing so much on G-spot stimulation and orgasm put men and women at odds with each other. Not only that, focusing so exclusively on the G-spot ignores erogenous zones all over the human body, so people do not experience the full thrill of sexual pleasure. As Shere Hite has written, "Although vaginal orgasm, the old term, had been completely ridiculed, here was a trendy, modern way to be a stick-in-the-mud, but still proclaim oneself to be modern, new, and liberated—supposedly believing in equality and the new powerful woman."

What's a girl to do? Just put the G-spot out of your mind. If you have one, enjoy it as much as you can. If you don't have one, remember—that doesn't make you any less of a woman.  

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