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Don't Drink the Tea Party Kool-Aid

Let's hope the American people don't buy the propaganda of anti-government groups calling for the overthrow of the very institutions that protect all of us from tyranny.

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We have been hit by our own economic tsunami and the victims in our own country are many and the soul of our people desperately wants to help, but partisanship is pulling us painfully apart. Here is what we want:

- We want jobs for our unemployed

- We want no Americans to be hungry

- We want home foreclosures to stop (principle and interest on home loans must be reduced in exchange for banks sharing in principal growth on sale)

- We want no Americans to go bankrupt paying for healthcare and we want our neighbors not to be denied healthcare by reason of inadequate health insurance

- We want our public schools revitalized to be as competitive as they have historically been

- If banks have inadequate resources to fund innovative businesses, then we need our government to guaranty needed capital to continue our role as the innovation leader of the world (and gov't programs will hold minority interests in these companies which can be bought back)

- Although we do not want to repeat the excesses and mistakes of the recent past, we need to look ahead and stop pointing fingers - we are where we are and need to move forward, recognizing that there will be time to study and learn from our past

- We don't like borrowing from the future, but there are times when only the gov't has the resources to help us out of our current mess - - we will need to create even greater deficits to return to prosperity, but prosperity has a way of reducing deficits quickly

- We don't want to shackle private investment with new tax laws which create barriers to new investment even if existing laws favor private investment - we need these incentives

- Our existing and innovative infrastructures require massive investment - how can it be that high speed rail does not connect our cities or that our schools do not have technology required to be competitive

I am sure we all have our list of priorities and may differ with Steve on his. Yet my response to my friend Steve pointed out my personal frustration with how things are. I also shared with him the lack of a cohesive commitment to mobilize the vast majority of Americans who share our soul in having us unite behind a constructive plan of action to get our nation back on track. Many of us support organizations working for positive change in this country, but it is not enough when we realize we are fighting against well-oiled and well-financed groups that are working day and night to further the right wing infrastructure. We can all get angry at Fox News and think Sarah Palin is not smart enough to lead this country, yet what do we have that can reach the masses in a way to counteract their success.

So many times when I see TVs in public places, it’s Fox News. Yes, I love Rachel Maddow, but how many people does she reach versus Glenn Beck or Rush Limbaugh? For all the failings of Air America, what it identified was a need for progressive voices to be heard. The challenge continues to be, how to channel these voices into the mainstream press and media and reach the very people who are drinking the Kool-Aid of misinformation and hate.

I wish I had the answer, but every time I imagine a world with Sarah Palin as President, or losing more control of Congress, I get scared for my children and grandchildren and wonder how this can be happening in this country. Then, I remember all too well what it looks like and I recall the lost years of Bush II which have brought us all to this abyss. This includes a Supreme Court that has majority control to dismantle many gains made over the last 40 years to protect us from the tyranny of a vocal minority.

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