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"Firearms of Jesus Christ" Expose Prompts Anti-Semitic Hate Mail

Following the discovery that American guns were inscribed with biblical passages, the Military Religious Freedom Foundation received anti-Semitic emails.

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Since ABC's report, Trijicon, which enjoys nearly $1 billion in Pentagon contracts, has announced plans [PDF]> to remove the bible codes from the gun sights they provide to the U.S. Military in the future, and will provide "100 modification kits to the Pentagon to enable the removal of the references that are
already on products that are currently deployed."

According to the U.S. military's "General Order Number 1," troops are supposedly prohibited from proselytizing or promoting any faith or religious practice in Iraq and Afghanistan. Obviously, that order is frequently ignored. Trijicon has been a U.S. military contractor for nearly two decades.

In a response to ABC, Trijicon's Director of Sales and Marketing, Tom Munson, reportedly responded by referencing MRFF as "not Christian." The group has taken exception to that description, as explained in a letter to the company shared with The BRAD BLOG, from an attorney whose office has been retained by MRFF. The group is now considering legal action in response to what they regard as "slander" and an attempt to "defame the Foundation or anyone associated with it."

As noted in the legal letter from Mathis & Donheister, P.C.:

Referring to the Foundation as a group which is "not Christian" is not only inaccurate and shamelessly false, but demonstrably contrary to fact. Approximately 96 percent of the Foundation's nearly 16,000 active duty military clients and enumerable additional supporters are in fact practicing Christians by faith. To state otherwise not only slanders the Foundation, but also all of its clients. Further, the Foundation's largest supporter is the California Council of Churches IMPACT, which is comprised of 5,500 Christian congregations, 21 distinct Christian denominations, and, directly and indirectly, millions of individual Christians.

In the meantime, the hate from the Right seems to be increasing by the day. The BRAD BLOG recently shared a spate of death threats and other attacks sent to the government watchdog organization (VR) from Fox "News" readers after Fox had run an article misrepresenting VR's campaign against the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. [ Disclosure: The BRAD BLOG is a co-founder of VR. ]

Just days later, Matt Drudge's protege and poodle Andrew Breitbart, publisher of the far Right, Tweeted a death threat against a climate scientist. After I responded to Breitbart's tweet with my own, daring to counter him with facts about global warming, he echoed the death threat against me this time.

The emails to MRFF were shared with me via Frank Schaeffer, the reformed religious Rightwing leader and author, a frequent guest blogger at The BRAD BLOG, and a member of MRFF's Advisory Board.

Brad Friedman is an investigative journalist/blogger and the creator/publisher of The BRAD BLOG , which has been focusing for some years on the many issues involved in election integrity. He can currently be seen in a number of documentaries now in release around the country, including David Earnhardt's Uncounted: The New Math of American Elections , and the just-released Murder, Spies & Voting Lies: The Clint Curtis Story , by documentarian Patty Sharaf.

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