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Fox News Resorts to Homophobic Bathroom Jokes in Retaliation For Media Matters' Report on Fox Haiti Coverage

When Media Matters issued a report detailing the scant coverage Fox News programs gave the Haiti earthquake, Fox host Greg Gutfeld went homophobic on the watchdog group.

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On Wednesday, Gutfeld unleashed his lotion-obsessed robots again with another attempted swipe at Media Matters' report on Fox's Haiti coverage.

Gee, ya think Media Matters is getting under the thin skin of the Fox News crew?

I can't really understand why, for the life of me. As AlterNet reported, it's public knowledge now that the top-rated Fox News Channel programs are not news programs at all: they're political organizing forums for the anti-government, anti-regulatory agenda of Rupert Murdoch, the CEO of Fox's parent company, News Corporation. I mean, how would coverage of the Haiti crisis possibly serve that goal? It's surely not going to draw thousands of right-wingers to Washington, racist signs held high, to march against the president. That's the job, ultimately, of Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity, if not Bill O'Reilly. And at that, they excel.

Red Eye Robot Theater episode of January 16, 2010, in response to Media Matters report of Fox's paltry prime-time Haiti coverage.



Premiere Red Eye Robot Theater episode of January 6, 2010, featuring sauna scene.



Bill O'Reilly's appreciation for the above-referenced breastfeeding and spanking episode demonstrated below.



This Wednesday's Red Eye Robot Theater episode (January 20, 2010), can be found here.

Adele M. Stan is AlterNet's Washington bureau chief.

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