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Birthers Defend Conservative Candidate's Bizarre Comment About Obama's Birth; 6 Shocking Discoveries About the GOP Senate Candidate

We've learned a lot of scary stuff about Massachusetts Senate candidate Scott Brown in the past 10 days.

Prominent 'Birthers' Defend GOP Senate Candidate's Bizarre Remarks About Obama's Parents

By Max Blumenthal

Leaders of the "birther" movement that has sought to discredit President Barack Obama’s status as an American citizen are defending Republican Senate candidate Scott Brown’s  suggestion that Obama was born out of wedlock.

Andy Martin, a right-wing polemicist and perennial vanity candidate who  claims on the front page of his blog that Obama’s real father was the communist intellectual Frank Marshall Davis, said of Brown’s remarks, "I think this shows Mr. Brown is a lot smarter than I realized and he’s a lot more honest." Martin told me that he was planning to publish a defense of Brown on his Web site.

Orly Taitz, the eccentric Orange County-based dental technician who has filed numerous failed lawsuits challenging Obama’s status as an American citizen, told me, "What [Scott] Brown is saying is true, which is that no one has seen a marriage certificate. I think the context in which he was saying this is that a lot of people are asking questions and want answers."

Brown made his comments immediately after the Republican National Convention in a debate on the now-defunct local CN8 news channel. The key moment, during an exchange in which Brown was defending the honor of Sarah Palin, went as follows:

Brown: Barack’s mom had him when she was, what, 18 years old?

Guest: And married!

Brown: Well, I don’t know about that.

Brown’s suggestion that Obama was born out of wedlock echoes claims Martin made during the 2008 campaign. As Blue Mass  pointed out, in July 2008, just before Brown made his notorious remarks, Martin  wrote:

Barack Obama, Senior, and Anne Dunham never married. Obama knows this fact. This is also why he keeps his white grandmother a virtual prisoner; she knows too, and she won’t lie.

Through the past several decades Obama has pretended he 'didn’t know' the facts about his illegitimate birth. He thought he could get away with the big lie. And he almost did get away with it….

His mother was promiscuous and had a child out of wedlock, in 1961, when that was still scandalous behavior. Is this Obama’s idea of ‘family values?’ Obviously, he has been deceiving the American people and hoping his advertising lies could overcome the truth. He has failed.

Martin has an extensive history of extreme statements and  bizarre behavior, including a series of anti-Semitic rants that he described to me as "35-year-old rubbish." When Martin declared his  candidacy in the Illinois Republican Senate primary and then  attacked frontrunner Mark Kirk as “a defacto pedophile,” Illinois GOP chairman Pat Brady  dismissed him as "a sick man."

Nevertheless, Martin is a prolific and popular figure within far-right Tea Party circles, prompting him to entertain the notion that his writings might have influenced Brown. "I’m not trying to say that [Brown] got the idea from me," he said, "but the fact is my work has had a lot of impact."

For Martin, Taitz and the movement they represent, Brown's victory would be a watershed event. Though he has portrayed himself as a moderate, Martin sees Brown as a stealth candidate whose success would help move even the most hysterical birther claims about Obama’s background further into the mainstream.

"I said to Obama himself that either you come clean about the truth or there will come a time when people will unelect you and delegitimize you," Martin said. "The mainstream media elected Barack Obama by refusing to tell the truth but I think that we might be witnessing a dam burst here."

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