Despite McChrystal Claims, Tide Not Turning in Afghanistan

Gen. Stanley McChrystal says the tide is turning in Afghanistan. He's wrong.

McChrystal told ABC's Diane Sawyer that the U.S. and coalition forces are turning the tide in Afghanistan in a recent interview, but information from Maj. Gen. Michael T. Flynn's recent report suggests otherwise. Flynn's presentation states that the "Afghan insurgency can sustain itself indefinitely," and that war-related violent incidents are up 300 percent since 2007 and another 60 percent since 2008. The information in Flynn's report seems to support the warning given to Brave Foundation by Robert Grenier, former CIA Islamabad station chief and Counterterrorism Center Director: a conventional occupying force will not succeed in the long run in Afghanistan.

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Derrick Crowe is a political associate at Brave New Foundation, working on the Rethink Afghanistan campaign. Crowe is a 5-year veteran of Capitol Hill and a trained Creating a Culture of Peace nonviolence facilitator.