Hoekstra's Lame Defense for Trying to Cash in on Terror


After a DNC spokesman called Pete Hoekstra's (R-MI) attempt to cash in on last week's attempted terrorist attack, "beyond the pale," a Hoekstra spokesman offered perhaps the lamest excuse in recent political memory:

Truscott, Hoekstra’s spokesman, dismissed criticism of his boss’s terrorism-related fundraising appeal as part of an effort by Democrats to undercut his gubernatorial bid.

“This is hottest issue going right now. Everybody’s talking about it’s the lead story in the news all across the country,” Truscott said. “As a leading national expert on this issue, it’s certainly appropriate to raise this issue as he talks about the leadership he could bring to Michigan.”

Uh, the problem isn't raising the issue of terrorism, it's trying to make money off of it -- never mind the fear and hate-mongering language Hoekstra used in his fundraising letter.