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The Top Ten Years of This Decade

We ranked 'em.

We want in on the end-of-the-decade list pr0n, thank you very much:

10. 2001: The year started ominously with a peasant blouse revival and only got worse with the worst thing that ever happened ever. Thankfully, a new generation of wiser heads with larger nutsacks would prevail in the cauldron of the very next year, and both transgressions would be avenged to this very day.

9. 2009: Some say that 2003 was worse. You know who also said 2003 was worse? Hitler, that’s who.

8. 2007: Historians will remember this year as the calm before the storm, but also as the unending nightmare two years after the hurricane. And how many Olympic gold medals did America win in what is now regarded as a nebish of a year? Hint: Just three, and they were in rhythmic gymnastics.

7. 2003: On the one hand, 2003 saw the end of a tyrant who cut off people’s hands. On the other hand, the hand just referred to was blown off in the effort to topple that same hand-cutting tyrant.

6. 2000: In 2000, it was still possible to trick non-Dilbert readers into paying you to fix their Y2K bugs. But not really. Fitting for a year that was confused as to whether it even belonged in the decade under review at all.

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