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For the Record, I'm No Holocaust "Skeptic"

According to the logic of some, it's a debatable point.

Earlier this week, I wrote about this silly "study" purporting to find wide-spread anti-Semitism* among progressive bloggers.

Among the really pathetic bits of innuendo that passed for evidence of this dark truth was this: a blog-post written by the very liberal Glenn Greenwald was linked to, approvingly, by David Duke. This supposedly means that, in their heart of hearts, Greenwald and Duke share a similar world-view. Duke's a well-known anti-Semite, ergo ...

Anyway, I won't provide a link, but a Holocaust denier has now approvingly linked to my post on his blog , calling me "an honest Jewish writer."

According to the logic of that study, it's now perfectly legitimate to assume that I, too, am a Holocaust "skeptic" because of the link. Or at least it's an open question. So I figured I'd just go on the record to reaffirm my long-held belief that the Holocaust really did happen!

Thanks for your attention to this matter.


*No, I don't care that Arabs are technically a Semitic people as well, and I'm not sure why commenters always think this semantic point is so significant -- I'm just employing the common usage.

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