For the Record, I'm No Holocaust "Skeptic"

According to the logic of some, it's a debatable point.

Earlier this week, I wrote about this silly "study" purporting to find wide-spread anti-Semitism* among progressive bloggers.

Among the really pathetic bits of innuendo that passed for evidence of this dark truth was this: a blog-post written by the very liberal Glenn Greenwald was linked to, approvingly, by David Duke. This supposedly means that, in their heart of hearts, Greenwald and Duke share a similar world-view. Duke's a well-known anti-Semite, ergo ...

Anyway, I won't provide a link, but a Holocaust denier has now approvingly linked to my poston his blog, calling me "an honest Jewish writer."

According to the logic of that study, it's now perfectly legitimate to assume that I, too, am a Holocaust "skeptic" because of the link. Or at least it's an open question. So I figured I'd just go on the record to reaffirm my long-held belief that the Holocaust really did happen!

Thanks for your attention to this matter.


*No, I don't care that Arabs are technically a Semitic people as well, and I'm not sure why commenters always think this semantic point is so significant -- I'm just employing the common usage.