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Glenn Beck's Year of Wild Conspiracies, Paranoid Delusions and Cynical Lies

Beck's unbridled ignorance and confidence in his own manipulative half-truths and lies make him the most dangerously effective misinformer of 2009.

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BECK: So this is -- really, this is the beginning -- I mean, this is the way it happens in every society. I mean, you know, the extreme example is what happened in Germany, when -- they actually had a chart on how many potatoes you could, you know, make, how many hours you could work, how many fields you could till, et cetera, et cetera. And if you couldn't do very much, well, then, you didn't get, you know, the primo health care.

That's just the way it works when everybody has to share for the common good. Sometimes for the common good, you just have to say, "Hey, Grandpa, you've had a good life. Sucks to be you." That's not compassion.

Indeed, throughout the 2009 health care reform debate, Beck has repeatedly tied reform efforts to Nazi efforts to kill the elderly and newborns, taken ownership of Sarah Palin's egregiously false death panels smear, and adopted the distortion that the uninsured would face time in jail under reform proposals. When a nonbinding task force in November recommended that women aged 40 to 49 years not get routine mammogram screenings, Beck was driving the conservative demagoguery machine, adopting the tired death panels smear to claim that these guidelines -- that are binding on no single entity or human -- were yet further proof that death panels existed.

Suffice it to say that the moment Fox News issued Glenn Beck its imprimatur to spread conservative misinformation, the national public discourse was destined to be slightly off-kilter, and the national media's self-proclaimed rodeo clown took viewers and listeners on one wild ride through distortions and falsehoods.



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