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Staffers for Corporate Front Group Organizing Anti-Health Rallies Refuse to Reveal Their Names

Can't we at least know who the ground troops are behind this effort to derail reform?

On Tuesday, right-wing billionaire  David Koch’s Americans for Prosperity (AFP) organized  yet another anti-health reform rally on Capitol Hill. Part of AFP’s strength is its secrecy. The organization, a front group for corporate interests, has set up multiple other front groups and tea party events to create a veneer of public support for its agenda. ThinkProgress attempted to interview AFP staffers who were coordinating the event, but they refused to even reveal their real names, with one staffer replying with something that sounded like “Pootie Tang”:

TP: What’s your name?

AFP STAFFER:  Pootie Tang. … Pootie Tang. [...]

PROTESTER: What’s your name?

TP: My name’s Lee Fang.

PROTESTER: Lee Fang? Are you an American?

TP: Why do you ask?

PROTESTER: I’m just asking a question, just as you are.

Watch it:

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