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There's More to Sex Than a Cum Shot to the Face: What Men Should Unlearn from Hardcore Porn

No, porn does not turn men into crazed sex fiends. But it's clear that pornography has affected the way we view -- and have -- sex. Here's how to counter porn's effects.

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Of course, there isn’t just her Web site out there. Plenty of sex educators are working hard to bring credible information to the porn-saturated masses. And there’s also a growing industry of female-produced porn and lesbian porn (and as one friend said, it’s not exactly difficult to get a guy to watch that).

Look, it’s ridiculous to base the debate about pornography into one about whether it turns people into aggressive monsters or not. That turns a really interesting cultural discussion into a totally polarized, extreme and irrelevant one. Porn is having a profound impact on our culture and it’s far more worthwhile discussing what its specific effects are (and there are many) and how to navigate those better, than simply argue over whether those effects are good or bad.

Vanessa Richmond writes regularly for AlterNet on culture and media issues .

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