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Rachel Maddow Demolishes Therapist Who Claims He Can Make Her Straight

Richard Cohen claims his therapy can turn gay people straight -- an absurd theory debunked by all national psychological associations.

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Maddow: It should be noted, though, that when other people, like the promoter of the anti-gay, kill-the-gays legislation in Uganda cites you as an inspiration, it‘s not only talking about the things that are in your book that you say that you‘ll now take out.

He‘s also talking about your marriage as evidence of your cure, as the fact that you have come out of homosexuality. You‘ve been cured bythe fact that you‘re married. So the fact that you continued to have same-sex relationships even after getting married -

Cohen: You‘re mischaracterizing that. As I said, I got married stupidly. People who say get married it will take it away are ridiculous.

Maddow: OK.

Cohen: I was only looking for the right kind of love. That‘s one reason I became a therapist because people didn‘t know how to help me then. And so, I was told, like you were saying, “Just pray and God will take it away.” It doesn‘t work like that, because there‘s deep psychological reasons for this.

When I dealt with them since that time, Rachel, I‘m strictly attracted to my wife and to women. It‘s not on my radar screen. Change is really possible.

Maddow: I will just note for the record that all responsible professional authorities in this field report that change is not really possible. There‘s no evidence of what Mr. Cohen suggests.

Cohen: Oh, there are many studies -

Maddow: But nevertheless, he is operating an organization that would like to sell you a lot of products that would convince you that it is true.

Mr. Cohen, I wish you personal good luck. I thank you for taking the time to come on to the show. I know you‘ve been unhappy with our conversation about your work thus far. But I hope at least you feel like you‘ve been treated fairly tonight.

Cohen: Thank you, Rachel. I appreciate it very much.

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