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Rachel Maddow Demolishes Therapist Who Claims He Can Make Her Straight

Richard Cohen claims his therapy can turn gay people straight -- an absurd theory debunked by all national psychological associations.

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The acting president was a gay man. They don‘t like our work. And it‘s a lack of tolerance on their part. They don‘t allow people the right of self-determination to choose if they wish to come out of homosexuality. So shame on the ACA for their intolerance.

Maddow: I will say that the ACA kicked you out because of ethical concerns about your financial relationship with your clients and using them to promote yourself ...not because that you‘re anti-gay. But I think it‘s important to note though, and I want - just in case this gets heard in Uganda or in any other country where they‘re considering basing anti-gay legislation to remove all human rights from gay people on the basis of your claim that gay people don‘t have to be that way if they don‘t want to be.

If anybody‘s watching this anywhere in the world because you‘re considering using this, I want you to know that Richard Cohen is not licensed by any American or any other licensing body whatsoever. And Ithink you have represented yourself, especially by putting your master‘s degree behind your name on the cover of your book, as if you‘re an authority here, as if you represent some sort of -

Cohen: I am a professional psychotherapist, Rachel. And my credentials are that I came out of homosexuality. I‘ve been married 27 and a half years to my beautiful wife. We have three great children. And again, over 20 years, I‘ve helped thousands of men and women in this country and worldwide come out of homosexuality.

“” - we know that people can change if they want to. We do not support this Ugandan legislation. People who have same sex attractions, whether they chose to live a homosexual life like yourself, Rachel, or like me who made a decision to come out of it, we all need to be treated with respect, love and compassion.

Maddow: Because your credentials are not scientific and they‘re not professional -

Cohen: I have a degree in psychotherapy.

Maddow: Wait, wait, wait. You just said, because they are - you‘re not licensed by any accrediting body. And so you just stated that your credentials are your personal experience of not being gay anymore.

If those are the basis of your credentials, I feel like although this is weird for me to ask you, because this is personal. I have to ask you, it‘s the basis on which you are making these claims that are being unfortunately taken seriously all around the world.

Since you have been married, have you been attracted to men?Have you ever had a relationship with a man since you got married?

Cohen: If you read my book, “Coming Out Straight,” and I know you have it. You have been looking at it today, so you know the answer to this question already. You‘re just -

Maddow: What is it?

Cohen: In the beginning of the relationship, I was told before marriage, find the right woman and she‘ll straighten you out, and that was ridiculous. What I learned in my own healing process, and my own journey was that I wasn‘t looking for a sexual relationship with a man.

I was trying to experience the un-obtained bond that never happened with my dad and myself and with other guys in preadolescence. And after puberty, those needs become sexualized. So when I healed those wounds and when I experienced healthy love with guys, my same sex attractions left me, Rachel. And I‘m living my dream today.

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