12 Crazy Futuristic Water Buildings That May Help Humans Survive Climate Change Catastrophe

Twelve prototype habitats are making a convincing argument for mankind's offshore living.

As rising seas overtake the shores and the human population continues to grow, some experts believe we’ll eventually have no choice but to live in a real-life ‘water world’, building hotels, homesteads and even entire cities on the open ocean. Forward-thinking architects are already planning for this possibility, and their futuristic designs range from Star Wars-inspired marine research facilities to luxurious undersea hotels.

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Hydropolis Underwater Hotel

A vast luxury hotel bigger than London’s Hyde Park, with 220 guest suites, bars, restaurants, shops and theaters – all located under the surface of the sea. While the Hydropolis Hotel sounds like a wonder of science fiction, it’s currently under construction in (where else?) Dubai. Located in the Arabian Gulf just off the coastline, the hotel will shuttle guests from land to the submarine complex through a train in a tunnel.

Waterpod Floating Eco-Habitat

Imagine living on your own fully self-sustainable homestead, complete with a wind turbine, fresh organic food from your gardens, and a source of fresh purified water from a nearby river. Now, imagine that said homestead is actually a floating, movable island that could help your family survive the worst of climate change consequences. The ‘Waterpod’ is its own little eco-habitat, a sustainable community built from recycled materials, and a group of artists built it and took it on a four-month journey down New York’s East River in 2009.