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Christian Cowards: Why Don't Evangelical Leaders Condemn the Hate Spouted by Right-Wingers?

Since when does loving Jesus mean you have to hate our President? Prominent Christians should denounce the violently aggressive language right-wingers use to tear down Obama.

On Sunday, November 29, NBC's "Meet the Press" flunked their interview with Pastor Rick Warren, world famous author of "The Purpose Driven Life." They didn't ask the one burning question with historic implications of national importance they should have asked: Pastor Rick, why haven't you and other prominent evangelical leaders taken the lead in strongly condemning the hate directed at President Obama by the Religious Right and so many evangelical Christians who form the base of the Republican Party?


A week before Warren was interviewed on NBC Franklin Graham -- another mainstream evangelical leader (son and heir to Billy Graham) -- stood next to Sarah Palin on her book tour having loaned her a plane belonging to an organization he heads up so that she could join him and his dad Billy for dinner. Then Billy Graham released an effusive statement of support for Palin after that meeting. Again, where was the Question from the Grahams: Governor Palin why did you lend your voice to the hateful lie that if the President's health care reform were to pass it would result in "death panels"? 


There will always be hate-filled nuts on the fringe of any movement; left, right, religious or secular. No one in leadership should be blamed for their fringe -- unless they don't speak up. Post "Tea Parties", "Obama isn't a real American", and all the rest it is strange and disturbing to witness the silence of the evangelical leadership in the light of so much venom directed against our President by a largely evangelical Republican base. 

  This is shocking to me, given that for much of my life I was not just the son of a famous evangelical leader ( Francis Schaeffer --  "credited" by Max Blumenthal and others as a founder of the religious right) but for a time I was also his sidekick and a leader in the evangelical world in my own right. I quit over the slide of the religious right into extremism. That said I'm still a believing Christian (non-evangelical and progressive) and to see the name of Christ used to promote hate outrages me. To see the Bible used as a political bumper sticker source (for whatever "side") is an affront. 


You would have thought that evangelical leaders with their oft trumpeted respect for the Bible would have spoken out in one loud united voice against the misappropriation of the Bible when a verse from the Psalms (109:8) was used recently on T-shirts and bumper stickers in a way that seemed to call for the removal (at best) and the death (at worst) of Obama. 


Here’s what is in the Psalm they quote as part of a "prayer" for Obama:

"May his days be few; may another take his office! "


Here are what the other verses in that Psalm call for (in case you didn't "get" verse  8:

Verse "May his children be fatherless and his wife a widow! "


On "Meet the Press" Warren used the word "love" dozens of times. He talked about how he isn't really against gay men and women, just following the Bible, how he loves them all, even his enemies and so forth. But where were the specifics about this love when it comes to standing up against some members of his own constituency? What about loving our country enough to speak against the incivility not to mention the lack of patriotism, rampant in the Obama-hating Christian Right?

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