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Cult of Conservative Christian GOPers Backs Death Penalty for Gays With HIV

Uganda is pushing a bill that would impose the death penalty on HIV positive gay men. And a secretive group of American politicians appears to be a driving force behind the law.

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Canada and the U.K. have been leading the international charge against the proposed law, with both prime ministers  Gordon Brown and Stephen Harper condemning it.

"Addressing the Commonwealth People’s Forum, Stephen Lewis, the former UN envoy on Aids in Africa, said that the Bill made a mockery of Commonwealth principles,"  the Times Online reported. "Nothing is as stark, punitive and redolent of hate as the Bill in Uganda," Lewis said.

"We needn't tell you: The implications are dire,"  opined Queerty. "It's not abnormal for foreign heads of state, like Museveni, to have ties to American politicos. But he's deeply routed in a secretive organization that promotes hatred under the guise of loving Jesus. And the very people — America's elected officials who believe in human rights — we would expect to pressure Uganda's lawmakers not to make such a bill law are turning out to be its biggest supporters."




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