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Hot Mormon Muffins and Models for Jesus: What's With All the Sexy Christians?

The weaving of assertive sexuality and assertive spirituality is bizarre, untried terrain. Is it hypocritical for Christians to flaunt their assets in a flirtatious way?

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Of course sex and spirituality can go together. In fact they do go together -- but in a way that’s as far from judgmentalism as we are from Andromeda. For different people it requires different circumstances, but I suspect the feeling is the same for everyone. For me it comes from being with someone I adore, from having full trust and no expectations, is intensely private but also thoroughly connecting. Its genesis is physical but soon feels as though it’s a conduit to the whole universe, so you’re completely within and outside of your body at the same time. It’s not the moment of orgasm -- it’s the whole experience, before, during and afterglow. And when I’m there, aliens could land outside, hurricanes could come and go, the rapture could finally happen and I’d be so shitfaced on dopamine and adoration I wouldn’t even hear it. The rapture, at those moments, is under my fingertips. 

So can sex and spirit mingle? Absolutely -- but it’s more likely to happen when lovers look each other in the eye than when you’re alone on a runway or at a press conference. And it's definitely not likely to get a boost when you’re in a voting booth relegating someone else’s sacred experience to the status of runner-up.


Liz Langley is a freelance writer in Orlando, FL.

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