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Why Max Baucus' 'No' Vote on the Climate Bill May Really Help Its Passage

By appearing to oppose the bill, Baucus may be masterfully (and manipulatively) staging its passage.

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Rest assured, Sen. Baucus is no Michael Huffington. Baucus is much more effective, much less obvious. But Huffington is a cartoonish illustration of the fact that many legislators are not just what they seem: they're often also the opposite. By appearing to oppose the climate bill, Baucus may be staging its passage. And he's been almost forthcoming about that, which has some pundits downright stumped:

I don't really think anyone quite knows what to make of this, but Max Baucus is seeming surprisingly bullish on the prospects of climate legislation: "There's no doubt that this Congress is going to pass climate change legislation. I don't know if it's going to be this year. Probably next year." I would have thought that one major reason to be skeptical about a climate bill's prospects is that it doesn't seem like the kind of thing that key senators like Max Baucus would be enthusiastic about. But there you have it.

via Matthew Yglesias » Climate Optimism From Key Democrats .

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