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Over 100 House Dems Push for Immigration fix

Reminding Obama of his promises of reform.

Although the timeline for immigration reform is uncertain, some Democrats argue that reform needs to be considered before next year's midterm elections. Recognizing that there is not much time, 111 House Democrats sent a letter to the President reminding him of his commitment to reform our immigration laws.

The letter was authored by Congressman Crowley (D-NY), who argues that it would be difficult to address immigration reform during election time because candidates would want to avoid the controversy that surrounds the immigration debate. The controversy surrounding immigration, however, won't change unless the debate is reframed. The reality is that providing a path to citizenship for the undocumented would strengthen the economy and the middle-class.

As DMI argues, an earned legalization program would ensure a level playing field between native-born and immigrant workers and increase the economic contribution of immigrants.

Cristina is an Immigration Policy intern at the Drum Major Institute for Public Policy.

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