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Murder by the Insurance Industry: "He Survived as Long as His Battery Did"

The lobbyists say that nobody in America dies from lack of coverage.

Lack Of Health Insurance Never Killed Anyone. Except This Guy.

And thousands more.

In 2003, William Koehler of Pittsburgh, Pa. lost his job as an electronics technician. He lost his health insurance, too, but he’d been lucky enough to have the defibrillator battery in his heart changed just the previous year. No insurer would cover him except for one company which refused to cover anything related to his arrhythmia, says his sister.

He survived as long as his battery did, dying on March 7, 2009 at 57. His sister, Georgeanne Koehler, has become an activist, telling the story about how her brother died to anyone who will listen.

Oliver Willis is the blogmaster at Like Kryptonite To Stupid

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