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Torn Apart by Homeland Security, Immigrant Families Struggle to Stay Together

Families are being torn apart by deportation at the treacherous intersection of immigration enforcement and the criminal justice system.

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Families for Freedom is organizing around the Child Citizen Protection Act, which would give discretion back to immigration judges in instances when a person facing deportation has children. The act is a simple solution to avoid the devastating collateral effects of deportation.

As we wait for immigration reform, the Obama Administration quietly bolsters its immigration enforcement agenda. The effects of this are wrecking lives and families of color will continue to be leveled.

Congress should immediately terminate the 287(g) and “Secure Communities” programs. Meanwhile, Congress should pass the Child Citizen Protection Act to keep families together.

Our families hold us up. We must rectify the harmful policies that tear them down.

Julianne Hing is co-editor of the ColorLines magazine blog, RaceWire, and editorial assistant of ColorLines magazine. Seth Wessler is a writer and Research Associate with Applied Research Center . They coauthored a ColorLines magazine investigative series on families torn apart by deportation from New York to Jamaica. The Torn Apart article series and multimedia project is available at

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