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This Job Is Killing Me: Authoritarian Corporate Model Spurring Suicides in Europe

The new European labor paradigm, which is marked by cruelty to the individual, may be responsible for a growing number of self-inflicted deaths.

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Prof. Michael Schumann from the University of Goettingen, some 400 kilometers west of Berlin, says "the new labor world is marked by a growing cruelty towards the individual."

François Desriaux, psychologist and editor of the French monthly Santé et Travail (Health and Labor) says, "if modern companies want to really tackle the problem (of suicides caused by labor stress), they do not need to examine the workers -- it is the job that needs auscultation."

New organization and labor management, whose only parameters are high productivity and efficiency, have led "both workers and companies into a blind alley," Desriaux tells IPS. "To solve the crisis, it is not enough to limit the damages by trying to heal the most fragile among the workers. The priority must be to redefine the meaning of a job well done, to carry out a revolution of corporate organization and labor management."

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