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CodePink Founder Jodie Evans Challenges Obama Up Close and Personal on His Afghanistan Policy

Armed with the signatures of thousands of Afghan women asking him not to send more troops, Evans told Obama that women must have a seat at the negotiating table.

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"In truth, 90 percent of U.S. funding to Afghanistan is used for military; only approximately 10 percent has been used for any kind of development."

Meanwhile, President Obama continues to deliberate over whether to send tens of thousands more U.S. troops to Afghanistan, while Vice President Biden seems to be in an influential position to help resist military pressure for escalation. Biden has been the leading skeptic in the administration toward Gen. Stanley McChrystal's call for escalating the war with 40,000 more troops. Biden's argument appears to be that the strategy should focus more on taking out top Al Qaeda targets in Pakistan with drones and Special Forces and shifting security responsibility to the Afghans. Time will tell which of the arguments wins the day.

Don Hazen is the executive editor of AlterNet.

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