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The Samsung Reclaim: A Corn-Based Cell Phone Has Finally Arrived, But Is it Worth It?

The Reclaim is a new green phone from Samsung and Sprint that hopes you're more interested in the environment than in apps.

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The Reclaim is a statement phone -- a quick and easy way to demonstrate a commitment to a better world. Holding the sturdy little thing, it's an absolute mystery why all phones aren't made from the same materials and with the same environmental standards. Samsung says that "creating an eco-centric phone takes more time, money and research to develop than other mobile phones." The company could charge a premium, and people would pay it. Right now, this is the only phone in the U.S. marketed primarily on the basis of its green cred. If that's more important to you than watching videos, checking out Web sites and downloading ever more useful and innovative apps, snatch one up. It's a shame you have to choose.

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Peter Z. Scheer is managing editor at Truthdig.

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