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Disgusting: Glenn Beck Compares Fox News to Jews During the Holocaust

Everyone's favorite teary mass of shame has reached a new low.

If Obama = Hitler, then clearly Fox News = Jews during Holocaust:

When they’re done with Fox, and you decide to speak out on something. The old, "first they came for the Jews, and I wasn’t Jewish." When you have a question, and you believe that something should be asked, they’re a — totally fine with you right now; they have no problem with you.

When they’re done with Fox and talk radio, do you really think they’re going to leave you alone if you want to ask a tough question? Do you really think that a man who has never had to stand against tough questions and has as much power as he does — do you really believe after he takes out the number one news network, do you really think that this man is then not going to turn on you? That you and your little organization is going to cause him any hesitation at all not to take you out?

If you believe that, you should open up a history book, because you’ve missed the point of many brutal dictators. You missed the point on how they always start.

To recap: in Glenn Beck's little world, President Obama could be on his way to becoming a "brutal dictator," and it's all starting with the extermination of the Fox News Channel.

Except the White House has no such agenda. In fact, just yesterday, White House Communications Director Anita Dunn said that President Obama plans to return to Fox for another interview. The only caveat is that he'll be doing it with the understanding that Fox is the political opposition -- not a news organization.

Obviously he’ll go on Fox because he engages with ideological opponents. And he has done that before. He will do it again. I can’t give you a date because, frankly, I can’t give you dates for anybody else right now.

But what I will say is that when he goes on FOX, he understands that he is not going on — it really is not a news network at this point. He’s going to debate the opposition. And that’s fine. He never minds doing that.

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