Health Insurance Companies Want You to Stop Reproducing, or Pay the Price

According to some companies, costs should stay manageable as long as you make "healthy lifestyle choices." So much for having kids...

From RH Reality Check

Having our first child was one of the greatest moments of my husband’s and my life together.  Once we adjusted to being parents, we knew that at some point we would want to expand our family.  When we found out 7 weeks ago that we were expecting again, we couldn't have been more excited.

The longer we have been parents, the more we have become planners, especially financially.  I made a goal of paying off my student loans before our first was born, literally writing that last check two weeks before her due date.  That payment quickly became a 529 account.  We became frantic savers, opening online accounts, IRAs, anything we could sock our money into.  When we decided to try for a second child, we made sure to first set aside the $3000 it would cost us out-of-pocket to pay for the birth, $1500 out-of-pocket max for me, and $1500 max for the new baby.