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Republicans Have Decided to Call Anything a Democrat Ever Does or Says "Nazi"

The cause du jour for the Republican Party is to make as many rapid-fire comparisons between the Democrats and the Nazis as humanly possible.

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Stoking this irrational hatred for an amorphous enemy, the Marxist Communist Socialist Nazi President Obama, in an already frenzied, heavily armed mob, is obviously not a good thing. First, it eliminates the possibility of rational conversation about some critical issues like health care and the environment. Second, it's extremely dangerous and irresponsible. If people like Kitty and Beck keep telling people Obama wants to take their guns, and he's Hitler, and he's changing America, and also there may be FEMA camps, and his health care plan is actually death panels, one of their unstable listeners is going to snap.

Of course, then Kitty and Beck will hide behind the same First Amendment rights many Republicans didn't grant liberals when they tried to protest Bush's illegal wars. This is the current state of things: Republicans protest health care for all. Democrats protest illegal wars. C'est la vie.

Allison Kilkenny is a radio host and political humorist, a fancy way of saying writer, who makes shitty world news funny. She is a regular contributor to the Huffington Post, the Beast,, and's Wiretap Magazine. Her work has also appeared on The Nation and she is a regular guest on SIRIUS radio. She doesn't care if you're offended by anything she has written. Further articles can be found at:

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