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Outreach Fail: RNC Spanish-Language Hispanic Heritage Month Release Riddled with Errors


Andrea Nill at Think Progress:

Today, the Republican National Committee (RNC) released a statement from Chairman Michael Steele announcing the release of a new video in celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month. However, though the press release emphasizes the Republican Party’s “commitment to the Hispanic community,” apparently that commitment does not include hiring a qualified Spanish translator. The Spanish translation of Steele’s statement is riddled with embarrassing typos and errors. Even Yahoo’s automatic online translator, Babel Fish, produces better results. A quick revision highlights the multitude of glaring errors:


The substance of the accompanying video isn’t much better.

Oliver Willis chimes in:

The RNC’s spanish-language work is riddled with errors. Which leads me to believe the RNC couldn’t find an actual latino to do this. That’s what years of referring to every latino as a border jumping vampire will do.

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