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Farmer Gene Logsdon Explains How to Make Your Own Home-Grown 'Pancake Patch'

More and more people are growing their own veggies, but what about grains?

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GL: The grain markets are extremely volatile at the moment. Last summer's historic highs have collapsed. Right now corn, for example is about $3.80 a bushel, about a break even price considering the high costs of seed, fertilizer, equipment, and land. The predicted increasing demand for grain from other countries has not materialized. On the other hand, specialty grain growers and flour producers, especially organic products, still have a fairly good price to work with.

MG: What do you think has sparked a new (or renewed) interest in homegrown grains?

GL: The uncertain economy, of course. People are looking for ways to save money, or more precisely, for a way of life less dependent on the regular economy.

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