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Latest Right-Wing Ragegasm: School Kids Sing of Obama for Black History Month (and Fox News Scrubs Death Threat from Story)

Oy ... the horror.

So, a school teacher had some kids sing a song praising the country's first black president for Black History Month. I guess it was last year's Black History Month, because officials say the teacher leading the song retired at the end of the last school year.

Perhaps more partisanship in our education system than one would like, but given the context a relatively minor manner. For normal people, that is -- but the video got posted on Youtube and the usual suspects on the right freaked out, screaming of socialist indoctrination and yadda, yadda.

Predictably, there were death threats against the school's principal (a detail that Fox News first reported in it's breathless coverage of this momentous story and then scrubbed).

Here's Michael Savage absolutely losing his marbles over this nonsense -- he says this is all about "brainwash[ing] the children into accepting Arabic names" like "Hussein":

Dangerous though they may be, it can be pretty hard to take the kind of people who freak out over this stuff seriously.

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