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Media Mud Pies: CNN's Embarrassing Response to Fox News About 9/12 Coverage

CNN nudged into showing off its 9/12 coverage after bullying by Fox News.

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There have been this many marches and rallies to end the war in Afghanistan, and this many marches and rallies to end the war in Iraq. But corporate media has routinely ignored them, choosing instead to support their conservative cronies in the military industrial complex.

As a result of this abrogation of journalism, Americans have a depleted treasury, a rotting infrastructure, criminal health care, fiscal sociopathy, substandard education, a dumbed-down public, an ever-widening sociopolitical chasm and idiots elected to, and remaining in, office for lack of effective vetting and investigation by a legitimate Fourth Estate.

Mr. Sanchez, with all due respect, as you've delivered your message to Fox, I have a message for you. Your tirade is juvenile, hypocritical, and dare I say, unprofessional. CNN shares in the decline of our media almost as much as Fox. CNN is, after all, the home base of Lou Dobbs. Need I say more?

Linda Milazzo is a Los Angeles writer, educator and activist. Since 1974, she has divided her time between the entertainment industry, government organizations & community development projects and educational programs.

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