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Barack Obama Must See Michael Moore's New Movie (and So Must You)!

"Michael goes directly to the beating heart of the economic crisis ... The knot in your stomach starts to tighten -- and the outrage starts to build."

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Tell us your story-- or the stories about people you know whose home has been foreclosed, whose job has disappeared, whose kids can't afford to go to college, whose credit card interest rate has been jacked up to 30 percent, etc, etc, etc. And tell us the positive stories too: the heroes -- judges, lawyers, volunteers -- who are helping people stay in their homes, the neighbors who are coming together to alleviate the pain and make their community a better place to live in. You can tell these stories in words, pictures, or videos. We'll collect them on a special Bearing Witness 2.0 section.

When people are given the facts and shown the reality of what is happening, they will almost always do the right thing. Help us keep showing that reality.

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