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Unspinning the Tall Tales About Immigrants and Health Care

Hardliners have made clear that they will pursue any means—including false claims and ad hominem attacks—to derail both health care and immigration reform.

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Ultimately, the only way to remove this distracting sideshow from the national stage is to enact comprehensive immigration reform. We can make debates about benefits to illegal immigrants an historical relic by requiring illegal immigrants to register, get screened, pay taxes, learn English, and earn citizenship. Health reform and immigration reform are dual national imperatives. Unfortunately, both are under assault by the status quo caucus.

Opponents of health and immigration reform are in the minority and on the wrong side of history. But they have committed to use any method—including fanning the flames of fear—to stall progress. CAP will continue to fight those fires with facts and stand with the American majority in promoting solutions to the major policy challenges of this era.

Marshall Fitz is Director of Immigration Policy at American Progress.

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