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Why Are African-Americans So Frequently the Subject of Glenn Beck's Ridicule?

There are a lot of problems in America, but right-wingers and the GOP seem to be stuck on making controversy over issues involving black people.

After a full-on assault, for more than a year now, Glenn Beck has finally gotten the goods on the community organizing group ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now.)

Conservative activist James O'Keepe walked into ACORN's Baltimore office posing as a pimp with a prostitute in tow and got some tax-evading advice from an ACORN staff member. In the video below, O'Keefe claimed he wanted to buy a house and was trying to figure out a way of accounting for his “ho's” income. The employee told the woman to list her occupation as “performance artist.” 

OK. So, this is pretty hilarious, I admit. It's a flagrant foul from a low-level employee. The two black women who were targeted in this caught on tape "pimps and hos charade" mostly likely bring home less than $30,000 per year. And they are two employees out of 13,000 employed by ACORN. O'Keefe admittedly tried this maneuver several times before he found someone gullible enough to bite. 

A few days ago, thousands of conservative activists marched on Washington. That teabag express was cooked up over at FOX News by Glenn Beck. These folks were carrying all kinds of crazy signs about the deficit, about Nazis about Fascism, about missing Kenyan birth certificates. They were going after President Obama's  (the first Black president in the U.S.) scalp. That's the bottom line.

A few weeks ago, after months of the full-on assault from Glenn Beck, Van Jones (another black man) was forced to resign. Last week, he asked his racist "off their hinges" supporters to dig up what they could on other Obama appointees. 

A few months ago, Glenn Beck pulled the ultimate race card and actually called President Obama a racist. 

Now, Beck and his racist “off their hinge” supporters have collected two more black scalps on their crusade to demonize black folks. ACORN has fired two employees as a result of this hidden camera thing. The Census Bureau has cancelled ACORN's federal contract to register voters next year. 

The folks who were the subject of the “undercover” probe? Two black women. The majority of the people who benefit from ACORN's community activism work? Black and Hispanic people. The disenfranchised folks that ACORN is responsible for registering to vote? Black and Hispanic people. The folks who are helped, free of charge, to negotiate their mortgages by ACORN? Black and Hispanic people. 

What we have here is an overt (they don't even bother to conceal the crap anymore) to go after black people. It is being sanctioned by FOX News and orchestrated by Glenn Beck. Even the mainstream media (which is known for its obtuseness and cowardice in all things related to race and class) are beginning to ask if race is a factor. 

Now, I am not here to excuse ACORN's behavior. I have no desire to try to explain away why Van Jones signed the petition wondering if 9/11 was an excuse to go into the War in Iraq. And I will not even dignify those birther imbeciles with any more space than they have already taken up. 

I am just wondering why Glenn Beck is collecting black scalps? Why are we so frequently the subject of their ridicule and criticism? Why don't they i nvestigate subprime lending and banks with predatory practices? Why won't they make Sean Hannity explain his friendship with a man who has been indicted for trying to assassinate the president? Where were these “take back our country folks” when George W. Bush signed the Patriot Act repealing massive civil rights and liberties that we as U.S. citizens were granted at birth?

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