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Push for Peripheral Canal in California Ignites Grassroots Uprising

A grassroots uprising has ignited to stop a mad rush to build a peripheral canal without regard for many Northern California and Delta constituents.

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Steinberg’s constituents also oppose the peripheral canal because of its enormous cost at a time of severe economic crisis. A draft economic report written by Steven Kasower of the Strategic Economic Applications Company, released to the California Legislature on August 25, reveals that the costs for the construction of a peripheral canal around the California Delta or a tunnel under the estuary would range from $23 billion to $53.8 billion depending upon the conveyance facility.

“How can the Legislature and Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger support a project that costs that much when California is slashing the budgets for healthcare for children, teachers and state parks?” asked Kim Glazzard, director of Organic Sacramento.

Not only is Steinberg acting against the needs of his constituents and Delta residents, but he is pushing a project that is opposed by the majority of Californians. A poll of 800 registered voters throughout California by EMC Research in Oakland, CA indicates all segments of voters are strongly opposed to a Peripheral Canal and nearly half oppose a bond for new dams, reservoirs or other water infrastructure projects.

For more information on the water bill package, go here.

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