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Book on Bush-Cheney Power Grabs Knocks Glenn Beck Out of #1 Spot on Bestseller List

David Swanson has taken a leaf from Emile Zola's playbook and written an American "J'accuse".

UPDATE, from Brad 1:50pm PT: Daybreak hits #1 at Amazon in Non-Fiction, #6 over all, on first day out! Displaces Glenn Beck! Our congrats to David Swanson!

David Swanson, a tireless analyst and organizer, has taken a leaf from Emile Zola's playbook and written an American "J'accuse". And what an indictment it is. In over 300 pages crammed full of facts, figures, incriminating and self-incriminating quotes, Swanson's Daybreak: Undoing the Imperial Presidency and Forming a More Perfect Union makes the following case: Bush-Cheney and their cohorts are guilty of a power grab which has inflicted near mortal wounds on the Constitution; Obama has not done nearly enough to repair the damage; Congress has collapsed, and even the Supreme Court could use some fixing up.

The saving grace of this mauling is that, unlike most other critics who are satisfied to accuse and condemn, Swanson devotes a good part of his book to suggestions for how to set things right...

In the first section of the book, Swanson demonstrates, in a series of overlapping chapters, how presidential power, both before but exponentially more under Bush and Cheney, has nibbled away at domestic and international law and at the economy and the judiciary, until the president's constitutional obligation to "take care that the laws be faithfully executed" has become the president's discretion to do or order to be done whatever seems right and fitting to "the decider".


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