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Is Glenn Beck Finished?

A Color of Change campaign has cost Beck's show 36 advertisers so far. Will Fox decide he isn't worth it?

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Given that no one really knows what Beck, or his far-right supporters will do next, it's probably in Fox's best interest to wait things out and hope the whole thing goes away. But Color of Change will continue to keep hammering at Beck's remaining sponsors, and others who fill the empty spots.

As long as Beck retains his plum prime-time slot, in his current form, Color of Change will not let up, Rucker says.

"There are a few outcomes I would desire," says Rucker. " I'd love to see him vanish from Fox. Or, maybe I think he could have a 'Come to Jesus' moment. He's a very Christian guy, he can realize what he's done (I wouldn't hold my breath for that) and actually change what he's doing. I think if he were moved from Fox to simply radio and had less reach, that would be a positive. If he stays on and all the advertisers are direct response advertisers it's clearly a marginal place. He's clearly outside the mainstream."

Rucker continues, "I'd protect his right to stand on the corner and say whatever he wants to say, but no one has a right to have a platform on television. That's not something he's entitled to."

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Tana Ganeva is an associate editor at AlterNet.