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Is Glenn Beck Finished?

A Color of Change campaign has cost Beck's show 36 advertisers so far. Will Fox decide he isn't worth it?

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Scott W. from Odenville, AL, sees Beck as leader of a revolution, a somewhat unsettling take given the prevalence of right-violence in recent months:

Today we are facing some of the most troubling times ever in the history of The United States. A revolution has started, a revolution brought on by Mr. Beck himself as well as others. I believe Mr. Beck has played an undeniable part in "Awakening The Sleeping Giant" and because of him, we will turn this country back into the great nation it used to be!

Janet and John A., from O Fallon, MO see Beck as the last bulwark against the hordes of Socialists bent, of course, on destroying the country:

Before our very eyes, we are watching the systematic dismantling of America by socialists/marxists who have taken over our government. Nowhere on television but on FOX is the truth being told. FOX, thank you for the great service you do for our nation. Please stand firm against those who hate and want to destroy America. We must take this country back for our children and grandchildren. Americans, get off the couch and join our fight or you will have no one to thank but yourself when your freedoms have disappeared forever.

"Name not displayed", from Washington, PA, takes the outright racist route, implying that Obama is an undeserving beneficiary of affirmative action:

For a Columbia undergrad and a Harvard Law grad who worked the race card and all other USG giveaways to have his way paid through these almost financially impossible institutions, obama's brain seems to be stuck in High School OR he is deliberately trying to wreck 233 years of the best Economic Model in history: CAPITALISM. May he and his policies,all of them,fail. He's my President in name only. His policies are my greatest nightmare in real time.

Sandy O. of North East, PA beseeches Fox to stand behind Beck because "He is one of the very few whom is keeping us up to date on all the corruption in Washington. If Glenn is silenced we will never know what is going on behind the scenes."

Clearly, the effort seems designed to warn Fox that "silencing" Beck or dropping his program will not be taken lying down by the network's fervent followers.

Far more disturbing is the backlash against Color of Change, and the initial reaction to advertisers who dropped the program. Rucker says that at the beginning of the boycott, the spokespeople of some of the companies that pulled their advertising asked to be removed from press releases due to threatening emails and phone calls they received.

Color of Change members also got some horrifying responses. "I got the "Go back to Africa, monkey," says Rucker, "And variations of that, some of them somewhat threatening."

According to Rucker, many of the people protesting the campaign threatened to boycott the companies that dropped Beck, saying essentially "I'm done with GEICO, done with progressive. They're trying to threaten the pushback and people and organizations".

Meanwhile, Beck has yet to directly address the campaign. But he certainly hasn't given any indication that he's sorry. After spending last week on vacation, Beck spent a good chunk of his first show back on Monday smearing Van Jones, White House environmental advisor and co-founder or Color of Change. This doesn't appear to be a coincidence, and may in fact be Beck's way of pushing the entirely non-existent connection between Jones -- and therefor Obama -- and the Color of Change campaign. (In fact, Rucker says Jones had absolutely nothing to do with the petition.) Beck also used his radio show Monday to vaguely speak about  "evil at play" in the Obama administration and hint they are trying to destroy him.