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It's Now or Never for a Public Option: Why We Need to Take a Stand Against the Insurance Industry's Greed

We are at a crucial moment in the health care debate -- Obama needs pressure from all of us to keep the public option as part of his agenda.

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As such, many progressives, including a good number who had long advocated a single-payer system, have supported it. But while pragmatism has merit in this fight, there must be a line advocates of progressive reform aren't prepared to cross. An expensive boondoggle that would shower billions of tax dollars on the disease-care industry while doing next to nothing to control its long out-of-control cost increases should be where that line lies.

And so we find ourselves at a crucial moment in the health care debate. The Obama administration's conflicting signals this weekend constituted another trial balloon the administration has floated to gauge public reaction to the rightward shift.

That reaction must be swift and decisive -- anyone concerned about the American health care system should strongly oppose this watered-down pabulum posing as reform. Members of the House Progressive Caucus have signaled their intent to kill off any legislation that doesn't have a public-insurance option, and lawmakers need the support of their constituents to take that stand.

Take action: Do your part to fight for better health care and push the Dems and Obama to pass a public option.

Joshua Holland is an editor and senior writer at AlterNet.

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