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Why Are Cops Tasering Grandmothers, Pregnant Women and Kids?

Police officers are brutalizing innocent civilians with accelerating lunacy. How did this happen? How can we make it stop?

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"Tasers have been widely deployed without the benefit of rigorous, independent studies into their safety and potential health risks," Gozan Brown asserted, echoing Bibring's concern. "There's no government agency that has mandated testing," he added.

But Tuttle as the company he helped found are standing as firm as the "pinewood" taser victims turn into after being shocked. The danger for Taser is that same as it is for those suspects who won't bend: They could topple over, or be pushed by everything from lawsuits to newer and safer tools, and not get up again.

"We stand by our technology," he argued. "It's a litigious country, so you're going to have lawsuits. But we're in the business of selling tools to law enforcement, and their judgment will always come into question."

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