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The Wealthy Elites Play the Racists for Pawns at a Town Hall Meeting in Maryland

An eyewitness account of the racism and vitriol on display at a town hall protest.

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Think we aren’t about to lose what’s left of this democracy?  I urge you to think again.  And then I urge all of us to rethink our strategy and tactics.   The first thing we need to do is call what is happening by its right name – fascism – over and over again.  And we need to call out the corporations and bad actors who are bankrolling these people.

Here is another good article which mentions a Baltimore law firm's involvement with Dick Armey and its lobbying efforts to kill healthcare reform – not to mention the enormous sums of money they rake in doing it.    Scroll down to the “FreedomWorks and the K Street Lobbyist” paragraph for info on a once-venerable Baltimore law firm.  This is the kind of thing that needs to be exposed in the media and talked about.  The only way the media will discuss it is if we discuss it constantly.

I hope the report from inside Sen. Cardin’s meeting is more positive than mine!  I’m posting this because what I witnessed tonight must be a wake-up call to us – not something to ignore.  This will not go away – and indeed will only get worse.

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