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Vitaminwater's Empty Calories Are at the Heart of What's Wrong with the Beverage Industry

Vitaminwater tells its customers to "hydrate responsibly." That means not drinking 125-calorie sugar rushes like ... Vitaminwater.

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Now, it is true that Vitaminwater and its ilk will not likely be the downfall of Western civilization. There may be times when buying a bottle makes sense -- while on a car trip, for example, and a shot of caffeine will be a help in keeping you awake. Or the sugar taste may help you down lots of water to keep you hydrated temporarily.

But the bottom line is that these drinks, relatively speaking, are not healthy, where a bottle of tap water is far better for you. The sugar-water boom tries to seduce people into thinking they can cheat -- have a healthy drink that tastes sweet and gives them energy.

But there is no free lunch, and there is a price to pay. Vitaminwater has the tag line "Hydrate Responsibly." Well, let's take it at its word. Let's help everyone know that drinking tons of hyped sugar water is not good for the environment -- there are all those plastic bottles again -- nor is it good for your body, especially the 125 calories and the sugar rush in a typical bottle of Vitaminwater.

In fact, the sugar and caffeine, just like in Coke and Pepsi, can be addictive. I 'm sure you know people who seem to always have a bottle of Vitaminwater in their hands.

So take the opportunity and ask them -- did you know that's owned by Coca Cola? That there is a huge problem with billions of plastic bottles ruining the environment? And hey, be aware: You're getting a lot of empty sugar calories by drinking it.

The bottom line: If we are spending so much money attempting to continue to improve our health, the most logical way to "hydrate responsibly" would be to save yourself some bucks and "old school" it back to the tap.

Andrea Whitfill is a freelance writer residing in Brooklyn, N.Y.

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