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Will Obama Crack Down on Rocket Fuel in Drinking Water?

EPA chief Lisa P. Jackson is revisiting the Bush administration's refusal to regulate rocket fuel pollution in the nation's drinking water.

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If, as Jackson seems to be semaphoring, EPA is heading toward regulating perchlorate pollution, and presumably clean-up efforts, the effort will amount to a direct challenge to defense and aerospace contractors -- who can be expected to make the EPA struggle for every inch of turf.

How fiercely and skillfully Jackson, and ultimately the Obama administration, counter the industries' formidable legal and lobbying defenses will tell us a lot about the Obama presidency. The stakes are enormous. Is the administration willing to spend some of its political capital on this issue? Will it even have enough political capital left after the bruising health care and climate bill battles? There's no way to answer these questions today. But very possibly, soon.

Elaine Shannon is an investigative editor with the Environmental Working Group.

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