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The New Yorker Magazine's Strange Embrace of Hate-Spewing Shock Jock Michael Savage

A recent puff piece in the New Yorker legitimizes Savage's hate crusade.

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Savage, of course, was thrilled with the final result: "It's the first media depiction of Michael Savage that truly captured the artistic side," he told listeners last week, via the third person. In the eyes of the host, he'd clearly been legitimized by the prestigious New Yorker, a magazine he seems to idolize. The weekly liked what he does on the air. The magazine practically celebrated it for seven pages. So of course there's no need for Savage to rethink his hate crusade. He's been validated by The New Yorker, why change course? In fact, in the wake of the puff piece Savage asked if listeners thought the magazine profile would help attract new converts to the show.

Be choosing to actively camouflage what Savage and the larger right-wing media hate movement is about, as well as the cultural dangers it poses, The New Yorker not only missed a truly compelling story, it also abdicated its role as a clear-eyed truth-teller.

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