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Obama Political Group Targets Conservative Dems

Organizing for America, the grassroots group born of the Obama campaign, takes aim at Dems who oppose a public option.

Organizing for America has been targeting conservative Democrats, applying pressure on reluctant lawmakers to vote for the House health-care legislation.  Politico reports that the organization, which was formed out of the lists of the Obama presidential campaign, has been running "pro-reform ads" in the districts of Democrats who have yet to signal their acceptance of a public health insurance plan. 

The public option is part of the bill that was passed by two House panels, and is now hung up by a group of Blue Dog Dems in the Energy and Commerce Committee.

But the group's tactics appeared to get a little rough when Politico obtained an e-mail that stated the place for a pro-public option rally as outside the office of Rep. Betsy Markey of Colorado -- one of those reluctant Democrats.

Here's Politico's Glenn Thrush:

A DNC spokesman e-mailed me back, claiming it was just a big old mix-up — and that the rally was intended for downtown Fort Collins, not Markey’s office.

“She’s cool with it,” the aide said.


Adele M. Stan is AlterNet's acting Washington bureau chief.