Bill Kristol Embarrasses Himself on the Daily Show

Kristol presented the strangest argument against health care reform to date.

Bill Kristol, who famously struggles to achieve the accuracy of a broken clock, went on the Daily Show yesterday and served up the most bizarre argument against public health care to date. It all starts when Jon Stewart, in a bit of gotcha triumphalism (the health care talk begins at the 6:00 mark), manages to get Kristol to admit that the government does in fact provide ‘first-class health care’ … to the military (beginning at about the 11:00 mark).

Awesome in and of itself, but Kristol isn’t done. He goes on to argue, insanely, that even though we apparently can deliver such ‘first-class health care’ via government … the non-military citizens of the US ‘don’t deserve’ the same sort of health care option. Why? Because the troops are teh awesome and ordinary citizens are teh l00sers or something. Whatever.